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Provider Information

Resources for Providers:

Support Administrator/CMS Department Directory

PST Instructions for Providers

Provider Certification Wizard Instructions

Requirements for Certification Renewal

Becoming a Provider:

Becoming an Individual Certified Provider can be a rewarding experience. However, it also requires that you complete several steps in order to meet the certification requirements specified by state rule.  Please review all of the information below carefully.

 An Independent Certified Provider is a self-employed individual.  As such, the provider needs to be prepared to operate as an independent contractor. In many ways, this is similar to running a small business, and comes with many responsibilities.  You should consider the following things when deciding whether you would like to become an Independent Provider: your ability and access to do online billing for services, your ability to maintain certification (including completion of training every year), understanding of the impact your payments may have on your taxes each year, and your ability to work and communicate effectively with the consumers you serve, their families and the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Steps to becoming certified (PDF document)

State Rule regarding provider certification (PDF document)

Agency versus Independent Providers (PDF document)

If you have read all of this information and would like to sign up for training in order to become a certified provider, or if you need training to maintain your certification, please call the Provider Hotline at  216-931-7474 

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